Thursday, September 6, 2012

A young Nick Offerman’s enormous practical joke (2 Photos)

Early in his career, Nick Offerman wasn't getting the kind of roles he wanted. Long before he landed the role of Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, he was typecast as "plumbers, mechanics, and bus drivers and farmers." He was so pissed about being pigeonholed in these roles, he did what any actor would do about it:

"My response to that was to get this three-quarter headshot—like, knees to head—with this huge foam latex cock about the size of my forearm and fist that I’d made for a play. I got a headshot taken with this thing hanging out of my fly and just looking defiantly at the camera. I sent it to everybody in town. [Laughs.]

That was my response to being told I was gonna be playing bus drivers: “Oh yeah? Have you seen my dick?” And wonderfully, two people in town got it and thought it was really funny, and they put me in plays in their theaters."

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