Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here’s to you, Allison Stokke (23 Photos)

Last night I received the email below from a soldier serving in Afghanistan. He was wondering who this sexy pole vaulter is. Now we've all seen these pics floating around the nets since 2004 to be exact. That's when the images of California Pole Vaulting Champion Allison Stokke started crushing the internet.

The soldier's email was one of 3 emails I got yesterday asking who this pole vaulter was. The day before I received 4 and it was 2 the day before that. Hell, the Chivers have been asking me who this girl is at least once a day since we started theCHIVE.

So I started doing some digging. It seems each day 5,000-7,000 people search the name Allison Skokke, not to mention the people who search 'Sexy Pole Vaulter' and the like. Point is, Allison holds up. She's survived the internets' nano-attention span and continues to make the internet a sexier place every day. That deserves our respect and, at the very least, a post.

So here's to your timeless hotness, Allison. We at theCHIVE solute you. Wherever you are now, I hope you know you've been making a lot of boys really happy for a long time now.

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