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The 66 most overrated women of 2012 (66-51)

most overrated women of 2012

This ranking of the most overrated celebrity women isn't a "hot list" (see the Guyism 100 for that). These are ladies who we feel are overrated in the eyes of fans and the media. Yes, it's possible to be beautiful and still be overrated. In fact, many of these women are gorgeous, they just don't deserve as much attention as they get. So let's put that characteristic aside for today's discussion.

This also doesn't mean we don't like all of these women. In fact, we love many of them. This is about hype. Using our super scientific formulas, equations, graphs and flowcharts we compared the ACTUAL HYPE that each celebrity receives versus the DESERVED HYPE we feel they should be receiving. The bigger the difference between the two scores, the higher they are on this list. Got it? Okay, let's go. -

66 Julia Robertsjulia roberts overrated

Yes, we know, she won an Academy Award. In 2000. 12 years ago. Since then she's done 19 more movies including... well, Ocean's Eleven and... Ocean's Twelve, and, oh, Charlie Wilson's War. Nothing close to an Academy Award nomination in the bunch.

65 Nicki Minajnicki minaj overrated

Nicki Minaj has talent. Unfortunately she's now about as well know for all her "shocking" outfits as she is for her music. But hey it worked for Lady Gaga and somehow Nicki has managed to convince at least one segment of society that she's one of the five most desirable women in the world, so it must be working. Hell, she even has a Pepsi ad. Wonder where she'd be if she had strictly relied on her talent?

64 Lea Michelelea michele overrated

Lea Michele has been on Glee since 2009 and apparently that's enough for most people because other than that she hasn't done anything but make an appearance in the critical flop New Year's Eve. The power of the Gleeks is strong.

63 Katie Holmeskatie holmes overrated

Remember Batman Begins? Back in 2005? Of course you do. There was a sequel you know? And another coming out this year? Big blockbusters all. Unfortunately, Katie Holmes was and will not be in any of those sequels. Yet we still have tabloids covering her regularly for some reason. Her Wikipedia page says it best: "She achieved worldwide recognition for her marriage to Tom Cruise."

62 Christina Riccichristina ricci overrated

Remember when Christina Ricci got all kinds of awards and nominations as a young actress? Back in the 1990s? Well, she's 32 now and her last real nomination for acting of any kind (no, Teen Choice awards don't count) was 14 years ago for The Opposite of Sex. She's been in 17 movies last 10 years; see how many can you name.

61 Cameron Diazcameron diaz overrated

The average box office gross of the last 10 movies Cameron Diaz has appeared in is over $107 million. What? Is this possible? Oh, $238 million for Shrek Forever After and $321 million for Shrek the Third are included in that number. Take those out and it's a $62 million average. Now take out those not involving big time co-stars like Tom Cruise and Ashton Kutcher and it's $56 million. I think you see where this is headed.

60 Keira Knightleykeira knightley overrated

If it weren't for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies would you even know who Keira Knightley is? Name another movie she's been in. C'mon, she's had a starring role in 14 other movies. So what if 10 of them failed to make even $40 million at the box office, she's a big star, people.

59 January Jonesjanuary jones overrated

January Jones plays Betty Draper on Mad Men. She also played Betty Draper, as an assassin, in the movie Unknown. Then she played Betty Draper, in an Emma Frost costume, in X-Men: First Class. We don't know what she played in Seeking Justice, but hey, Nicolas Cage was in it!

58 Christina Aguilerachristina aguilera overrated

Remember when Christina Aguilera was known for having one of the best voices in the music industry, circa 2000? Now she's a judge on The Voice. Why? Maybe because her last album tanked and sent her label into a panic. Oh, and there was that whole national anthem thing too. American Idol had Paula Abdul about a decade after her last hit so Xtina being on The Voice at this point in time makes pretty good sense when you think about it.

57 Avril Lavigneavril lavigne overrated

Avril Lavigne is best known for being a "rebellious" teen singer who represented a whole segment of her peers looking for someone to speak for them. She's 27 now and appears to still be trying to appeal to that audience. It isn't working. Time for her to stop buying her clothes from Hot Topic, lose three or four pounds of eyeliner, and start putting some of her talent to better use.

56 Elizabeth Hurleyelizabeth hurley overrated

Elizabeth Hurley has a recurring role on Gossip Girl that she earned by, umm, her amazing portayal of the devil in Bedazzled (2000) and the fact that she has her own line of beachwear?

55 Britney Spearsbritney spears overrated

Britney Spears is the sixth most powerful celebrity in the world, according to Forbes. So why is she now a judge on the American version of The X Factor? (Well, for now at least.) Perhaps it's because her album sales have gone from 10 million in 1999 to 9 million to 4 million to 3 million to 1.4 million, to 1 million in 2011 - her lowest selling album to date.

54 Denise Richardsdenise richards overrated

Richards was in Wild Things 1998. Then she had her own reality show in 2008 and 2009. Then she was on... ah, here we go, Blue Mountain State in 2010 and 2011. Yet thanks to the train wreck that is her ex-husband she's still on television.

53 Ashley Tisdaleashley tisdale overrated

Ashley Tisdale was one of the stars of those High School Musical movies that did so well with the kids between 2006 and 2008. Since leaving the Disney HSM hype machine she's done Hellcats, a short-lived show on The CW. Yet we still get to read all about how her relationship with her boyfriend is going and see her trying to sell us swimwear.

52 Sienna Millersienna miller overrated

Why is Sienna Miller famous again? For dating Jude Law? Even though she isn't with him anymore? She's been in 14 films, can you name one? G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra? Moving on.

51 Amanda Bynesamanda bynes overrated

Amanda Bynes got arrested for DUI last month. This was news. EVERYWHERE. Granted Teen People named her one of "25 Hottest Stars Under 25" 2006. Since then she's been in, well, not much: Hairspray, Sydney White (?), some Lifetime movie, and had a part in Easy A. How about the next time she gets popped by John Law (and it will happen) we all just ignore it, okay? Thanks.

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