Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Idaho Chivette: Kaycie (30 Photos)

Kaycie has been gracing the Chive with that million dollar smile for a few months. The girl-next-door force is strong with this one. I'll let Kaycie take it from here.

Hey Chivers! Can’t explain how excited I am to be Chivette of the Week! To even be considered on the same caliber of women that represent this post is an honor. My name is Kaycie and while I live in Idaho, I’m from Colorado. I’m a petite 5’3” and nearing my 21st birthday.

Overall, I’m just a really simple, fun-loving girl. I’m painfully shy when I first meet people, but once you get to know me I’m a wild child. I love to hang with the guys, but also love to get dolled up with my girls. It’s just finally starting to warm up here, which means a few of my favorite things in life: camping, fishing, wakeboarding, and floating down the river on inflatable mattresses.

Ever since my friend introduced me to the Chive, I’ve been hooked. It’s great to see a community of people who are so kind to one another. No doubt, the Chivers are great to their Chivettes! It is great to know that ordinary girls like myself can be appreciated for their natural beauty. So to the Chivers, thanks for all your support! It’s greatly appreciated, more than you know! Once again, I'm honored to represent all the smokin' chivettes this week. Keep Calm and Chive On, everyone!


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