Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Chivers help send Gregory Schneider to space (17 Photos)

Not long ago, I received an email from a 27 year-old father of two, Gregory Schneider. Gregory told me he was shopping for a telescope online when he happened upon a video promoting the Seattle Space Needle's Space Race competition. The Grand Prize: A rocket ride to space.

Gregory, obsessed with space since he was a child, entered the race, and he wanted to win. Gregory had imparted his love for the heavens to his two children Emi (7) and Jude (3). He wanted to inspire them to always reach for their dreams. But at the time, Gregory was just one of 50,000 applicants hoping to take a ride in the hot seat. But then I got that email.

I ran a post on Gregory 12 days before the voting phase ended. At the time, Gregory had already vaulted to the 5th position on his own but the outcome was still in doubt, that is, until the Chivers launched Gregory to the #1 spot in 45 minutes flat.

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