Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Same-Side-Sitters: Acceptable or Annoying? (10 Photos)

You've all seen it, the couple at a restaurant voluntarily sitting on the same side of the table rather than facing each other. Some people find it to be a little awkward, others find it downright annoying; couples sitting side-by-side awkwardly craning their necks to talk to the other person inches away. Where do they put their elbows?

Many foodies and dining junkies will tell you same-side-sitting is aesthetically imbalanced (especially at a booth), it's just not proper restaurant etiquette, whatever that means.

My buddy's a waiter. He and his coworkers refer to same side sitters as “S3's (S Cubed)", or 'Triple S'. He added, "S3's are always the worst PDA in my place."

In their defense, same-side-sitters have many different reasons for their one-sided choice. Some are just trying to show extra affection, others like people watching. For many Triple S's, the seating arrangement just works for them, why should we care? Do you?

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