Thursday, April 19, 2012

From the oil fields to Chivette of the Week: Dana Lynn Dunn (25 Photos)

Over the past couple weeks, we've featured an adorable blue collar Chivette from Canada. Dana Lynn Dunn was working on an oil patch in Youngstown, Alberta, when she snapped a few photos of herself and sent them to theCHIVE. As soon as she graced the SC, y'all went nuts and kindly demanded moar, that's usually how these things go of course. I'll let Dana take it from here:

Hi Chivers (and sexy Chivettes)! Nice to meet y'all! My name is Dana Lynne Dunn and I'm so honored to be your Chivette of the week! I'll try to keep this short and sweet. This is my little paragraph:

I grew up in the town of Kindersley Saskatchewan, up until this summer when I moved all over Alberta and finally settled in the middle of nowhere, Youngstown Alberta. I've worked a few different jobs, from modeling to ranching to selling shoes, as of right now I make a living working in the patch - and I love it!
A few more things about me: I love strawberries, puppies, diesel trucks, horses, dirtbiking, mossy oak camouflage, mudding on back roads, NFL football, double-stuff oreos, and of course, the Chive! It's always awesome meeting fellow Chivers, you guys are so awesome! Thanks for making me your Chivette of the week. Please do say hi to me on my Twitter if you want. Thanks again, Chivers.



Dana's Twitter Page.

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