Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chivette is using the Twitter machine properly (25 Photos)

Last night, a Chiver emailed me a link to Courtney Macomb's Twitter Page and demanded I take a look. The first words I noticed on Courtney's profile were 'Ring Girl' and #KCCO.

I'm drunk. I should investigate.

Turns out this fit grad student at KState is a true blue Chivette. Not only that, but she seems to embody everything we love about our Chivettes. She loves her mom, memes, not wearing clothes, quality cat photos, and charity, Courtney's a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. But what I noticed about her pics… Courtney is smiling in nearly all of her photos.

Right now Courtney's Twitter is off the grid. She currently has 383 followers and has no clue she's about to hit theCHIVE homepage. So get over to her Twitter Page and say hello.

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