Thursday, January 12, 2012

Show Me Your Day

Posted on by CJ

Most of us probably think that our days are similar as twins, but nevertheless, we all have unusual and interesting days. Or maybe someone will find your ordinary day to be very unusual. This way or another, do not make us persuade you to show one day of yours, simply do it! Don’t by shy! (Click on the images to see the full day).

Alex from Tyumen has a friendly big family and she always has many things to do to keep them all happy. But this was her day off, see how she spent it.

These guys made a wedding and broke its main rules! Look how nice may be a simple wedding!

Anna does not have a constant place of living, she’s travelling all the time. She shows a day of a diving instructor.

How does a day of a nurse look like? Is it too sad if you have to take care of someone while you are young and wanna fun? Let’s see…

Do you remember those guys who tried on themselves what it’s like to be in the army, though they are civilians? One of them describes such a day in details…

One day of a plastic surgeon from Moscow who happens to visit a conference in China..

Grigory looks like a serious man. And he truly is. He likes intellectual games and he describes how he takes part in one of them.

One day with charming Sasha, a young student who studies foreign languages.

One day of tourists from Israel in Vienna that’s preparing for Christmas.

How much can you manage to do in one day? We bet this guy can accomplish even more!

Olga invites us to Rome to spend one beautiful and romantic day.

This sleeping beauty is Katya and she is a model who lives in cold Siberia. Spend one professional day with her!

On a yacht and in a pool, these guys have a good time in New Zealand.

It’s a very romantic loving couple, they both are so cute! On the day they show they go to play Crocodile. You don’t know the game? Why? It’s funny!

It’s always cool to see how creative people live and work, they inspire you to do some cool stuff too. Yukka is one of them… Go see…

Charming Kazakh ladies spend one day visiting their relatives and invite you to join.

What is rest for you? Hunting, fishing, skiing, lying in a bed? Sometimes you don’t get what you expect from rest! One fishing day in Astrakhan.

Divorce is not always a sad event, it is a new page of your life that maybe even better! These girls think it’s a good reason to have a funny celebration!

See what it is like to be a student of the Institute of Arts in Ukraine.

Elena is an engineer of a telecommunication company but first of all she’s a pretty young lady. One day of hers.

Dasha has two pets and a boyfriend. She lives in St. Petersburg that is not always sunny and hospitable. Look what her day in this city looks like.